When viewing an offline website copied via WebCopy, clicking links displays raw HTML formatting tags

(Updated: )

This problem occurs when you copy a web site that uses extensions, such as .php or .aspx. By default, WebCopy tries to preserve existing extensions, and so the local files will also be named .php, .aspx etc. When you try to view such files in your browser, you may not get the expected behaviour.

To resolve this problem, you need to change how WebCopy remaps extensions.

  • Display the Project Properties dialog for your project
  • Select the Copy section
  • Set the Remap extensions by content type option to Always.

Now, if you recopy the project WebCopy will rename local files based on their content type. For example, text/html will be named .html

We are aware that this behaviour is not always desirable and will be expanding the remapping options in a future update to the product.